Biomechanics of Spine

Module description The module contains theoretical and practical knowledge about detailed aspects of biomechanics of spine.
Student acquires comprehensive and detailed knowledge skills and competencies about methods and instrumental techniques, scales and physical examination techniques for assessing lumbar, dorsal and cervical spine.The module contains four different topics, that present the variable aspects of spine analysis.

The module prepares student to perform professionally functional evaluation (FE) within the spine giving wide spectrum of clinical methods and tools basing on newest achievements in the field of biomechanics.

Total workload in hours:
classes + individual study
  1. Biomechanics of the normal spine
  2. Biomechanical alterations of the spine
  3. How do I assess lumbar/dorsal/cervical spine?
  4. Instrumented analysis of the spine
Academic tutors profiles Academic tutors possess detailed theoretical and practical knowledge about spine pathologies and advanced biomechanics.