Foundations of Biomechanics applied to the Locomotor System

Module description

A complementary module of basic knowledge that is fundamental to learn advanced procedures and techniques for biomechanics. The module includes synthetic contents preparing a trainee for next and advanced learning materials that is focused on specialized issues on human biomechanics and functional diagnosis.

Within six different topics, comprehensive and general information presenting the most important aspects of biomechanics, anthropometric and physiology is provided.

The module contains mainly theoretical content with elements of practice.

Total workload in hours:
classes + individual study
  1. Movement
  2. Forces and pressures
  3. Physiological signs and morphometric parameters
  4. Techniques for the instrumental analysis of movements and forces
  5. Techniques for the instrumental analysis of physiological signs and anthropometric and morphometric parameters
  6. Requirements of a biomechanical assessment system. Concepts of validity, reliability and accuracy
Academic tutors profiles Academic tutors possess detailed theoretical and practical knowledge from biomechanics anthropometrics physiology. Is experienced in using modern instruments in the field of measurement signs and parameters and diagnosis evaluation.