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Functional Evaluation: Concept and Methodology

Module description

A complementary module of basic knowledge that the student should know in the area of functional evaluation in a holistic approach to human health. Student acquires comprehensive knowledge, skills and competencies about integration of physical health, cognitive (mental) health and social integration in diagnosis and treatment of musculoskeletal impairments.

The module contains six different topics, that present the variable aspects of disability and aging society in the context of the new technological approaches to maintain health and quality of life.

The module contains both theoretical and practical content basically focusing on the utility of the instrumented biomechanical analysis in clinical field, including management of disabilities and handicap.

Total workload in hours:
classes + individual study
  1. Classification of activities and functions according to the ICF
  2. Importance of functional assessment and its applications
  3. Classification of functional impairments and disability
  4. Socio-health impact of disability. Disability in working places
  5. Importance of cognitive abilities in the performance of motor tasks and why it is important to include biomechanical analysis in cognitive impairments
  6. Functional evaluation assessment: classical assessments vs instrumented analysis
Academic tutors profiles Academic tutors possess detailed theoretical and practical knowledge from International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health, functional evaluation and social science. Is experienced in using methods for functional evaluation.